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This second collection of bedtime stories is filled with whimsy, humor, and life lessons.  Stories included are: "The Eatyoup""The Tell-Tale Goblin""Dame Cricket's Story""The Playroom Wedding Morning-Glory""The Peacock Butterflies""The Revenge of the Gnomes""The Little China Shepardness""How the Butterfly Grew Yellow,""Was It the Field Fairy?""The Frogs and the Fairies""Jack, the Preacher""Mr. Crow Goes and Tells""Discontented Dewdrop""Inquisitive Mr. Possum""What the Flowers Told Martha""When Jack Frost Was Young""The Revenge of the Fireflies""Sallie Hick's Forefinger""The Rain Eleves""Mr. Fox's Housewarming""Little Pitcher-Man""The Wind-Flower's Story""Pussy Willow's Furs""Orianna""Old North Wind""Mr. Fox Cuts the Cottontails""Little Never-Upset" 1. Language: English. Narrator: Pam Walker, William Anderson, Grace Adams. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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